You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! In this page we will go through some of the more frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) by our clients just to give you the heads up, so that when we do sit down, we get to know more about you and making your experience during your event/special day that much better. We pride ourselves in being very detail oriented and personable to make sure you receive top notch treatment.

Q: How many photos should we expect to receive?

A: We always guarantee 75-100 usable photos per hour for weddings and other large events. For smaller events of lesser time it will be between 50-75, you could expect this more during one hour shoots. We do always like to hit the 100 mark and give you the most photos as possible to go above and beyond what we promise.

Q: Do the photos we receive come in full res?

A: Yes, all photos. Please feel free to take up some roadside real estate and print yourself out that billboard you have always wanted!

Q: How do we receive the photos?

A: For larger events all clients receive a USB and pending on your package, you will receive a customized USB with an image of your choice on it! For our smaller shoots all clients receive the images through a custom Dropbox link easily downloadable by anyone you choose to share it with. If you do order/receive an album, prints, or any other enlargement/specialty item, please allow extra weeks for these. Again we do like to try and exceed all expectations in timeliness.

Q: What is the expected wait time to receive our photos?

A: For weddings and bigger events we will say 2-3 weeks to be safe. For smaller shoots, it will take about a week depending on our QUE of edits. Of course, we always try to beat those set times, but we do want to make sure your event receives the best care through the editing process and yes, we do like to share some during the process so you may control your late night urges. We want to help you show off your photos to everyone, its only what you crave!

Q: Do you shoot destination weddings?

A: Yes! we love nothing more to travel to capture your special moments. Typically, South Florida is the destination wedding most choose, but if its not here.. we are up to carpe your destination momentum!

Q: What is the best amount of time to choose for photography?

A: My best advice to brides or anyone we shoot with is always this, always sit down and take a look at your timeline.. then add in a little fluff time. Everyone is human or on South Florida time and things do run a little behind, its ok to have a little extra. Please feel free to ask for more during your event if you do need.. You are our main priority and we have all the day to set aside if need be.

Q: What is a first look? ..Should we do this?

A: The first look is when the bride and groom get an emotional, heart warming moment together before the ceremony takes place. Depending on religion and preference this can be a great idea because this does help take care of a good amount of portraits and formals before hand. Therefore, enabling you to attend cocktail and ease into your reception. The option is totally up to you!

Q: May other people shoot at the wedding?

A: Absolutely..not. We are 100% sure when you receive your pictures you do not want to see Uncle Jim standing in front of our shot or photobombing somewhere in an important moment. We take pride in making sure you receive the best quality photos and that all your guests have the time off to enjoy this day you have been planning day and night over the past year or more. We don’t mind any phone shots during the more relaxed events during the wedding, we’ll take them for you even after we get our shot first! 🙂

Q: Lastly, Why us?

A: We are hands down, one of the top options in South Florida or honestly anywhere for Wedding and Event Photography. Our TRMV family puts our name on being personable, professional, and expectation exceeding! We always like to build relationships that last with our clients, we only want you to feel comfortable with us during the time we spend photographing your special day. We always are more than professional, there are no what if’s. We love to show up early and leave late making sure every little detail is finely combed with our Nikon lenses. Did I say Nikon, Yes Nikon! Lastly, we love .. love to exceed your expectations. There is nothing more that means anything to us then your full experience. We want you to say, man.. Tony and Valerie really went out of their way to make sure I got the best. Whether it means making sure you have a drink/hors d’oeuvre ready that you need after the ceremony because you are quite parched/famished..to saying wow, I didn’t expect this little extra gift I received from them after my wedding! This is really only explaining a fraction of what we can do for you,  for the rest we will let our work speak for us.